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Nevada Minimum Wage & Daily Overtime to Increase

Minimum wage in the state of Nevada will be increasing to $12.00 an hour starting July 1, 2024.

Nevada Ballot Question 2, passed by voters in November 2022, eliminates the two-tier minimum wage system which provided a reduction in the required minimum wage if an employer offered qualifying health benefits. For information on overtime changes and to print free minimum wage and overtime bulletins and postings, please select the Minimum Wage and Overtime Bulletins and/or Employer Postings - Required Postings under Important Links on this page.


Office of the Labor Commissioner (OLC) Responsibilities:

The Office of the Labor Commissioner (OLC) is the principal wage and hour and labor regulatory agency for the State of Nevada.  The OLC is responsible for ensuring that minimum wage, prevailing wage, and overtime are paid to employees in Nevada, and that employee rest, break, and lunch periods are provided.  In addition, the OLC has authority over the employment of minors and other employment practices.  It is the vision and mission of this office to resolve labor-related problems in an efficient, professional, and effective manner. This includes educating employers and employees regarding their rights and responsibilities under the law to promote the growth of business in Nevada.  The OLC takes enforcement action when necessary to ensure that Nevada’s workers are treated fairly and compensated for all time worked.