List of Disqualified Contractors

NRS 338.017 provides for the temporary disqualification of a contractor from being awarded a public works contract/subcontract as a result of having committed an "offense." The disqualification applies to the contractors and any corporate officers, if any, of the contractor.  Senate Bill 340 passed during the 2015 Legislative Session provides for disqualification if a contractor has been debarred from receiving contracts from the Federal Government.

The following contractors and corporate officers thereof may not be awarded a public works contract/subcontract for the time period stated:


Cheyenne Steel Company, Inc. 

Richard Wenzl

4790 South Fort Apache, Suite C2

Las Vegas, NV 89147

Period of Disqualification: May 6, 2016 to May 6, 2019


Delta Mechanical Inc

Todor Kitchukov

6056 Baseline Road, Ste #155

Mesa AZ 85206

Period of Disqualification: until the suspension is lifted


Frazier Masonry Corporation

747 East Avenue, Suite L-8

Lancaster, CA 93535

March 29, 2015 through July 28, 2018


MJ Systems & Designs Corp

Melvert B Nacional

33 Bircher Drive

Las Vegas NV 89118

July 21, 2017 through July 21, 2020


Security Plumbing & Air Conditioning

Francisco Gonzalez Farias

4213 Lower Saxon Avenue

North Las Vegas, NV 89085

August 7, 2015 through August 8, 2018




Updated August 15, 2017