What information and/or documents do I need to provide to the Office of the Labor Commissioner to be licensed as a PEA?

1. Fully completed and signed application for all parties who are to be licensed for the business.

2. *Certificate of Filing of Fictitious Name

3. *Proof of Incorporation and List of Offices

4. Two Affiants attesting to each applicant’s good moral character.

5. Copies of the applicant/s and the affiants current Nevada Driver’s License.

6. $100 license fee – this fee is renewable no later than December 31, as the license runs January 1 through December 31 annually. The license fee is non-refundable pursuant to NRS 611.060.

7. $1,000.00 bond – this can be a surety bond, a "cash" bond (check, cashier’s check, or money order), or can be a savings deposit account of $1,000.00 payable to the Office of the Labor Commissioner. If the cash bond is never used it will be returned if your business closes (please keep your address current).

8. Samples of the forms that will be used in the business (e.g. invoice, application, receipt, etc.)

* If these do not apply, put an N/A in that space.

**Note: The Office of the Labor Commissioner reserves the right to require fingerprinting for any applicants/pursuant to NAC 611.050(2)(c)(1-3)