About the Nevada State Apprenticeship Council (NSAC)

Brett Harris – Labor Commissioner
Toni Giddens – State Apprenticeship Director

    Nevada State Apprenticeship Council (NSAC) Members

    • Archie Walden – Chairman
    • Jeremy Newman – Vice-Chairman
    • Madison Burnett
    • Mandi Wilkins
    • Steve Ingersoll
    • Ryan Bellows
    • Mike Kennedy
    • Elaine Silverstone
    • Craig Statucki
    • Dr. Natalie Brown
    • Dr. Dana Ryan


    The State Apprenticeship Council was established to administer the apprenticeship laws and regulations of the State of Nevada.

      About Apprenticeship

      Often referred to as the "original four-year degree," apprenticeship is a system of supervised training leading to certification in a trade, occupation or craft. It combines on-the-job training with classroom-related instruction.